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Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Donna and a Cake

Happy Birthday Donna - my baby sister.  

  I made her a pumpkin spice cake and smells good enough to eat.
started out this way
still working
It took a large pillar candle and then I used a shorter pillar melted to frost and a couple votives to
drizzle.  I decided that looked better.   Smells like pumpkin spice.

Cleaning up wasn't so bad after the mess I made.
 when you melt the candles for frosting,  wait til it get a little set on top and whip,  I used a fork and then a knife to spread on.  Had to keep melting the wax or warm it up I should say as it does harden some while I am spreading it,  but warming it up as much as you need is no problem.    I poured water into pan and brought to boil and poured out ,  in the side yard and washed the pan with soap ,  came out clean .
Was fun to do and she wanted one.

I am sharing with Inspired Sunday best blog party ever


  1. I had to read this twice I actually thought you'd made a cake LOL silly me, very impressive job you've done and I imagine your kitchen did smell delicious and Happy Belated Birthday to your sister Donna...

    1. Thank you for the b-day wishes. The candles is very impressive!

  2. Replies
    1. It does smell wonderful--just like Autumn spices!

  3. This candle was so beautiful and smelled so wonderful. My son was really impressed--he asked: 'SHE MADE THAT"!!! I have it setting on my dining room table. A most beautiful gift indeed.

  4. It is a beautiful candle and smells amazing. My son couldn't believe it was handmade. Looks beautiful on my dining room table. I really love it!


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