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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The light

Hatteras light was something we wanted to see and climb.   I want to go up into as many light houses as I can before the old knee gets to bad.   This would only have been my 5th and we couldn't do it because of this.
can barely read it except that road closed and authorized vehicles only.     We weren't in a vehicle and neither was anyone else so no problem on foot for many of us,  we walked around it to get through.
so along the way
we saw pretty berries, wish I knew what they were called
and these that look like acorns
but the tree or bush rather is not an oak
the Leopard frogs were very vocal,  someone told us that they sing because the rain has stopped and they are happy,  must be because they had one heck of a chorus going on
on to the light which was a good walk, my knee is still feeling it.
Glad for my visit to the light in the late 80's  in it's original location.   Was such a pretty site to see next to the ocean with waves beating the shore.
To bad it had to be  moved but sadly the ocean would have eventually claimed it.   Was by no means any small feat to move this giant.  

Good story and pictures  of the U 701- here also shows a pic of  one underneath the ocean in Hatteras.   I remember seeing in the museum here a time ago relics from the U boat that invaded Hatteras shores, silver ware, dinner ware among other items were on display


the door is metal, I had to walk up to touch it.


  1. amazing and wonderful that this lighthouse was saved and moved! I had a friend who grew on a little island in a lighthouse and still I've never been up to the top of one. great photos..

  2. Love seeing the lighthouse Betsy. Too bad you couldn't climb to the top. I have visited many lighthouses and climbed to the top of a few, but have never been to Hatteras. Maybe some day.
    I enjoyed the photos in your previous post too.

  3. Betsy, I love lighthouses. Although I have only visited a couple. They are just so majestic standing so tall. Glad you got to see it. The purple berries are beautiful. Those do look like acorns. Interesting leaves, wonder what they are?


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