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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

To the beach

Steve and I took a trip to the beach in N.C.  this past week.   First stop - Nags Head Ramada Inn.  The wind was strong and the waves were crashing to the shore which meant for a great night sleep for me.

I didn't get the full front of hotel, to interested in this little fountain I guess

pretty waterfall in lobby

comfy room with  a great view

The sound is so relaxing for me , didn't have to open the doors to hear it either
Then on our way to Hatteras
Rainy and windy
through the dunes and rain
making our way
 we climbed the tower inside to take a look over the area
sort of reminiscent of lighthouse steps to the top
you can see where the water came up in driveways , a visit to the beach from here means having to tredge through the water
In the distance you can see the waves
the gentleman at the hotel told us that about 7 in. of rain fell in about 5 1/2 hours,  total of 14 inches in all
Another Motel we stayed in was right on the beach and we did like that much better
Love Hatteras as it is unspoiled still and I hope it stays this way for a great while , no fast food chains.  Great local food places to eat with plenty of fresh seafood, gotta support the local fisherman.    I would rather be here where it's more laid back and a slower pace.    The locals are friendly and welcoming.
Hope it never changes, not many places like this left.  I guess as long as people like me realize it and if decide to locate here,  don't bring anything but yourself to the island,  don't try to change it and accept it as it is - Beautiful!
this is the hotel the next couple nights.
Saturday morning after the rainy weather
view of rockers outside of window
view from our door
 sitting on the porch in the late evening with a tea was so relaxing
shells in the sand
some of my keepers,  the large ones I will drill holes through for a necklace
he didn't mind his picture taken
time for toes in the sand
til next time


Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed your pics of the beach in N.C. very peaceful looking! Much different than our Florida beaches!

Lynn said...

your photos are outstanding, I could feel and hear those waves without the video ;-) plus as I scrolled down the old movie 'whales of august' kept coming to mind...exceptional countryside.

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh wow, how beautiful. I just love the ocean/beach. I felt like I was there with you, thanks for the great photos.