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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Before the frost

Got down into the 30's last night, getting much colder and I feel we will have an early snow this year.
I want to get out tomorrow and start putting lights on my shrubbery for Christmas.  Much better than waiting and freezing doing it in November.  
Here are some shots of the last flowers before the frost takes them.

These are at their most vibrant color right now.   
I love the white zinnias but they do not bloom as profusely as the ones with color.
Not for me anyway.
These will last a great while in a vase
I will plant my dahlias again next year from seed.  They thrived very well.   I had some in hanging pots that grew very fast and bloomed continuously.

My tea rose bush at 20 years old is still blooming strong.   I have moved this bush so many times and it definitely wants to stick around.    I am always trimming it and several times to the ground. 
I am sharing with outdoor wednesday at a southern daydreamer
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Khammany said...

The flowers are so pretty and colorful and seem to last longer where you are than where I am. What a smart idea to hang the Christmas lights now while it's still not too cold!

genie said...

My son and his family live in Richmond. Guess they still have their flowers like you. enjoy them because the days are numbered. So pretty, genie