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Monday, May 20, 2013

Southside Va

As Steve and I were traveling between Clarkesville Va. and South Boston Va.  there were lots of barns and here are a couple.

I know this won't be around long by the way the peeling paint looks.
I think the row of these are my favorite and probably somewhere off of route 58 in Va.
I am sharing this week with Bluff Area Daily's - Barn Charm


  1. The top barn has a very interesting shape. I agree, the row of barns is very cool!

  2. What a great barn! It's got a most unusual shape. The row of barns is cool too.

  3. Beautiful... I just love old barns...there is something about them...

  4. Love the peeling paint on that barn!

  5. The age of that red barn definitely makes it charming.

    And the row of barns looks cool.

  6. Poor sad peeling barn. the row of buildings is interesting. MB

  7. That first one has such an interesting shape. I bet it was really something 'in the day'.

    My barn(s) for this week can be seen here....

    Noteworthy Musings - Barn Charm #136

  8. Now that's a really cool find of barns! Wouldn't you just love to tour inside them all?!

    Thank you for the comment on abortion... I know it's a horrible subject, but I feel very strongly about getting the word out & to help change the laws. I agree, I can't believe we live in a country that allows it, we're suppose to be a 1st world country & a civilized people.


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