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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chase City Va (clarkesville 3)

We decided today Moms day that we would drive a few miles to Chase City .
   But first a nice pleasant scene from our hotel window to wake to - is the sun burning off the
mist from the Kerr lake(Buggs Island)
Almost wanted to stay put
Little history of Chase City is Salmon Chase , Lincolns secretary of the  treasury and  United States chief justice is who Chase City is named for.

  Incorporated in 1873.  Info from website - tells us that it's the center of arteries connecting Maine to Florida - 150 miles east of Roanoke valley and Gateway to Virginias Southwest.
sidewalk in front of the municipal bldg.

Settled by northerners after the civil war  and became a colony for United Presbyterians.
Continuing today,  Chase City is a leader in Southside Virginia's  tobacco market.
Interesting to note that Chase City's Company E, Sgt. Earle Gregory  was on the front line at Omaha Beach at Normandy in 1944.

old theatre
not sure about this
Yes subway is there and it was busy with customers
pretty wreath with hydrangeas, ribbon, yellow roses and looks to be lilies

It's Sunday so it's sort of quiet

My mom born in Chase City in November 23, 1921
Even with some abandoned buildings,  it's neat and clean.   Very pretty neighborhoods  with many Victorian styled homes and stately Colonials.
another in the town - I have a hard time keeping plants sometimes growing in my window sill, heck I should throw some dirt up against the wall and let it go.  This one above is very much alive.

Homes in the town are just gorgeous , very pretty neighborhoods
check out the stained glass window up top. 
Here is another pretty house and I like the curve of the sidewalk with the plantings

Part one  here
Part two here


  1. Hi Betsy. What a great little town. Love all the old towns and their history. Beautiful old houses and looks like some pretty shops. Glad you had a good time..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  2. Hi Betsy,
    Looks like a charming little town. Love all the Victorian houses. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh the gardens I would be building in these yards!!! lol...I love old homes!


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