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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Clarkesville Va -- part one

We got away on Moms day and Steve's birthday.    The work thing dictates when we go places.   I missed seeing Mom on Mothers Day, but did see her on Saturday to take a sun hat and flowers.  

Clarkesville Va.  population 1,139 and size 2.9 square miles.
 Virginias only lakeside town  is located in Mecklenburg County and named after it's founder Clarke Royster and incorporated in 1897.  My mom was born in Mecklenburg county in the town of Chase City.  I will have pictures of that later.
Lands located along the Roanoke river were originally home to the Occoneechee Indians.    By the British in 1676 the Indians , led by Nathaniel Bacon were driven away.    Temperate climate and  good tobacco soil made populating fairly quick.    
We both like this small town and it's close proximity to our home which makes us think about a vacation spot.    Maybe someday.   

We stayed at the best western in Clarkesville and the view of the water was beautiful

water views from our room

After settling in we took a walk around the town and there was this neat little gift shop,  loved it.  Could not take pictures on inside as the sign posted on the door reminded me.

In early 1950's - the damming of  the Roanoke river had a large impact on the area making Clarkesville the only town on the 50,000 acre body of water named after an island upstream - Buggs Island lake.   A lake my mom said she used to swim in as a child.

you can see the water in background

Plaques on building that house shops with date of the bldg.
The driftwood arrangements were very nice and commanded a large price too.  
nice wreaths
I do like much the arrangement in window.  Lights in the evening look so pretty.

yes, I was wondering how I could get down to get this piece.  

I love this old enamel ware with plantings.   I remember mom planting in these because she didn't have a pot or container to put greenery or flowers in ,  now it's fashionable.  Man -  how times have changed.
I like the mossy wreath and the driftwood signs
back to our room for a sunset
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Cranberry Morning said...

I would love to visit there! We've been to Virginia twice - once to the Lee Memorial at Lexington and once to Lynchburg so our granddaughter could visit Lynchburg University. Virginia has the most stunningly beautiful scenery. No wonder it was beloved by General Lee.

Ann said...

Would love to visit your state sometime. This city looks lovely on the water with the great little shops. Your hotel room looks SO lovely.

Sarah said...

Looks like a lovely spot to visit. Thanks for taking us along. ~ Sarah

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Such a beautiful spot! I would love to go shopping there, such beautiful streets and the view is gorgeous!
Thanks so much for taking us along and for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!