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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quick shrimp and pasta

The other night with this head cold and not feeling like cooking to much of anything.  I decided I would make something with my frozen shrimp.
I thawed shrimp under running cold water in a colander. 
A non stick green sauce pan ( won't have another because they scratch very easy) I poured some olive oil  and maybe tablespoon butter  and sautéed some onions, didn't have garlic but definitely would have used it.  When onions were almost translucent I threw in some slice mushrooms - not to many,  about a half a cup

 I put in some chopped French tarragon that I trimmed from my plant (has to be French for me as it's much tastier) about two tablespoons ( I love the flavor).  Next came the shrimp and heated through (I used about a half bag or about 25 shrimp for us) A ripe tomato -  I cut in chunks and just heated enough so it wouldn't cook all the way down.
I purchased some homemade tomato pasta noodles,  only problem is that I didn't notice they were spicey,  as in hot - but not to hot.  I boiled regular pasta noodles also and mixed the two, Steve wanted his that way.
stirred altogether and sprinkled some Parmesan on top. 
I must say it was very tasty.

Steve enjoyed it.
We had salad with onions, lettuce ,  tomato and green olives.
I eat my salad with dinner or after dinner.  Mom always had us eat our salad after dinner.  
Miss Addy eating her spaghetti and totally loving it.  She had regular spaghetti with meat sauce,  way to young for shellfish in her diet .  She wears most of her food.

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  1. Hey Betsy! I'm off to try this yummy looking quick recipe right now! Wish me luck! Thanks for sharing! Gina


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