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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A ladys slipper

Pink Lady's slipper  is an orchid,  I have not come across one in years,  used to see them in the wet areas where I used to live near the creek. 

I was out putting a hanging basket in the tree and found one next to it in my side yard which is near a creek.    Just one with long stem two leaves, very pretty.
I was so excited to find it.  A rare find for me , transplanting it is discouraged.   I tried many times to transplant at my previous home, but no success.    It has to have just the right soil and drainage. What I have read about the orchid is that it  lives off Rhizoctonia fungus, which grows within the seed and helps it take root.
   I understand that white tail deer love it,  and we have lots of deer here.  
I am sharing with Katherine's Corner - for Thursdays favorite things blog hop  and
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  1. so they call them "Lady's Slippers" where is the lady that could wear those slippers? ha. ha!!

    that being said - they sure are gorgeous. love that color. ( :

  2. What a pretty little flower. I do not think I have come across this one before.

  3. That is so neat that that orchid grew there on its own. Maybe you could put a wire fence with a top over it to keep the deer from eating it. Have a good weekend. Gina

  4. wow...what a treat! I've never seen these before. Thanks for sharing your delightful find :)


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