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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Round Town and other Things

Lynn and I took a  ride downtown Richmond to look around late the other day and came upon this neat building with
graffitti .

We saw this building, not too sure of what it was but it had this statue I had to take a pix of
Lynn is on the left

We then headed to Broad Street to
St. Patricks Church , built in 1850's by Irish Immigrants to Richmond Va.

Sorry,  the last bit got cut off

an idea of how large this tree is

the limbs spread over much of the park

sign on broad street across from St. Johns Church


My grandmother used to live here
built in  1900
Old iron fence in front.

I remember the inside of this home very well,  the stairs seemed so long and narrow, there was a skylight in the hallway
Grandma and I, along with her friend - Nanny, would sit in the yard eating lime sherbet.
I have always had fond memories of this place
She let me go across the street to St. Johns Church and sit  in the yard
It was fenced and of course very quiet
I remembert the time like it was a few moments ago (sitting on someones above ground grave) I didn't want to sit on the grass and being a kid,  I didn't even think about it

Across the street, advertisement still visible

Grandma used to work here - and would bring me paper that was used for covering gift boxes to draw on
It has been turned into apts.

Looking up the hill from Pohlig brothers-if you click on pix , you can see the larger picture

Pretty home downtown, lots of these fine old places have these very nice wrought iron railings

Very old home here

across the street from Pohligs is this Gallery called - Windy Hill Gallery
I hope to visit there next week as it was closed

Now to show you my table I got from my friend

I love it,  sits on my porch

I purchased this mirror for three bucks at an estate sale

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