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Friday, June 4, 2010


Last year this bush did not bloom at all.  I am wondering if it is one that blooms every other year.  I didn't plant it ,  the original owners did,  so I think it's about 20 years old.  It is huge.

different colors

the variation in the color for one flower
From purple to pink

I guess these are begonias,  they were here when we bought the house also
the back of the leaf is a dark burgundy color

Our Roses store had these baskets of  Geraniums for $5.00
I got 3 baskets and split the flowers up for planters on my front porch

I have quite a few of these and I think they are called - carpet flower

I have so many of these Zinnias that I planted last year and they are reapearing this year from the seed


  1. I remember reading somewhere that certain varieties of hydrangeas do bloom only every other year. Love your photos of them too. BTW, my first child (grown now) was born in Virginia.

  2. Just beautiful. I hope mine will be just as lovely.

  3. I love hydrangea - yours are gorgeous! And so many bright, happy flowers in your garden! :)


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