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Saturday, April 17, 2010


The Azaleas have really come out this week along with the Ajuga Bugle blooming all over the area.  Planters will be filled with my old standby - Petunias.  I  will probably get the light purple and yellow, they seem to have a stronger scent.  My  husband cut down with the lawn mower most of the Peonies,  oh well - maybe next year.

I have been trying to give some shape to the boxwoods,  I like to try anyway and  never worry about cutting them.   The ones in my front yard have been cut back more than a couple of feet in 3 seasons and the light that gets to the inside makes them fuller.  I just keep removing branches so the light can get to the center.
I will miss the dogwood blooms


  1. Your blooms are just gorgeous! Too bad about your peonies......they are one of my favs and so love their fragrance. One of my three peony bushes is already full of buds so it will be an early bloomer this year. Yeah!
    Hugs N Herbal Blessings, Mandy

  2. Betsy, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just spent some time on yours and love it! It sounds like we have a lot in common if we lived closer we could hang out!!! About the concrete pots, I have painted so many of them and sometimes I think Oh no should not have done that, but oh well thats whats so great about paint, it's cheap and easy to change!!!! Thanks again enjoy the Spring....Rhonda

  3. Thanks for visiting Linderhof --

    your garden pictures are beautiful -- I'm envious!

  4. Heavenly. Sooooo much gorgeous color - it must be a delight to sit and take it all in.
    Happy day to you and yours,

  5. Your yard is so PRETTY! We cut our azzelas down a couple of years ago. I have large pots out front that I put panseies in the winter and bagonias in the summer. When I was looking at your photos I was thinking how things looked so much like around my house. I am from Suffolk Va. about an hour from the beach. You are so right we are so blessed by God to live in Virginia! We have everything except the deseart, only miles away. I plan on stoping by your blog often and would like to see all you are up to. Thank you for stoping by. Carol

  6. What a beautiful relaxing and beautiful azaleas!

  7. what a gorgeous yard you have...and sooo many beautiful blooming plants. I love the inspiration...hope to have a pretty spot in our yard one day also! :)


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