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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

Steve and I visited a few days ago, but before our walk through the Conservatory and gardens, we had a snack in the restaurant.  It was supposed to be a snack but was a little more than that.  The food is so fresh and delicious.   Steve got the red pepper and crab bisque with dill shrimp.  I got the homemade vegetable soup and shared some dill shrimp with him.   Through the french doors is a terrace with tables to enjoy dining outside among beautiful Peonies.

I really like the decor of their restaurant
 didn't get a picture of the peonies on the terrace, but I got one in the garden. Beautiful pinks.

view of another dining hall

really like the chandelier

Beautiful fountain greets us as we stroll to the conservatory and gardens
There were more than 22,000 tulips and daffodils.

picture of a stone wall with plants

view of conservatory from rose garden
I will visit when they are in bloom and take some pictures

rose garden area

The theme is "Glorious glass in the Garden"
The art of Hans Frabel - worlds most famous flame-work glass artist
Gorgeous botany in glass
There is more than 100 sculptures on display including lizards and frogs.

Light danced off of this sculpture - beautiful

My camera batteries were just about dead, so I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted.
I thought they would have them on sale in the gift shop but didn't ,  I bet I take extra batteries next time.

visit- to learn more

along the way, there are gazebos

this tree is in the childrens play area

nice lake and another gazebo for gazing along the lake

view of childrens play area
I can't leave till I show what is so pretty in my yard

my favorite,  this azalea is almost 6 ft. tall.

grand daddys beard ( I have heard it called) or fringe tree
smells very sweet.


  1. What an elegant place to dine.... and I love the old stone wall, they really are a work of art. What a colourful garden, your spring is a little ahead than ours, the peonies in my garden are only just in bud right now.

    I can see why the pink azalea is a favourite of yours, it’s a beauty.

    Take care and enjoy the season. - Marion

  2. I just let out a sigh. This is all so very beautiful!!! Love your garden pics as much as the botanical garden pics! Thank you for the little tour - and I hope you have a lovely day, Betsy!

  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures! I have really enjoyed visiting your blog!


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