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Monday, February 24, 2020

Round home

Checking out the yard and seeing what is looking so bad.  So wet and soggy in some areas.  I dislike that moss so much in between some of the grass or what used to be grass. 
Not many daffodils at all but I did see some where I didn't see any last year, don't know why.

Forest area.  We have lost a lot of trees and some we have had taken out also.
But quite a few have fallen I guess because of wetness of the ground

This daffodil at the base of the tree above

We will probably be removing this old shed and replace with another in this spot

short clip of little creek area in my side yard

Forsythia and I hope to see yellow flowers on it soon.

This past Friday we took the girls to Science after Dark at the Science Museum of Virginia..
Here they are making snow men from paper cups with all kinds of buttons, straws, pipe cleaners etc.  that was out on the huge table for crafting upstairs.

They enjoy crafting and making things and when we go to the museum, it's upstairs to the craft room right away.

waiting for their food here in the cafe at museum.

This sweater was made by my son and daughter's (on their dad's side) gr great aunt

I had quite a bit of little holes in it to mend and then washed.  Surprised it's in the shape it's in and still a strong garment.
Little pearl buttons or shell buttons(not sure what you call them) are still on and original and I like how she made the button holders out of the trim yarn.

Another craft I have gotten back to is my beaded flowers.   I use magnifying glasses to see the holes to put on the wire.  

til next time - Betsy


  1. Betsy,
    It hit 50 on the weekend here and I have lilies poking out of the ground in the back of the yard....But it will be short lived as by Wednesday, temps are supposed to drop and we will be getting snow showers...This i the Winter that wasn't for us so far... Beautiful sweater and those beaded flowers are lovely!!

  2. So nice to see your Grandaughters enjoying crafing. The cardigan was beautiful, a real delight.

  3. Dearest Betsy,
    Why do you dislike moss? To me it is a favorite to see in the garden and as a backdrop to daffodils it can look like velvet...
    Did even write a post about it seven years ago: {I LOVE Mosses & Daffodils}
    Your creek looked very calm and no means of overflowing or so.
    Sure, trees get to fall when the soil is over saturated from water and the weight balance might be off due to heavy branches towards one particular side.
    We had a wild, roaring creek here and the local river was some 27' above level... Still till late tonight flood warning.
    As for us, we too got our share, due to over saturated soil, the water came up from below the house (we are on a hill!) and thus we both had to use the wet vac for 3 days and nights and I ran the night shifts. Still not quite back to normal routine after missing a good night sleep for several nights. Friday I went to bed by 7:00 AM and woke up with a terrible headache by 11:00 AM so I had my breakfast... Saturday was sunny and no rain at all so I drove to Atlanta for picking up an order of slides/video at Costco. Ones that Pieter had overlooked... I've sold my VCRs already so couldn't do it myself...
    You have so many interesting places to take the girls to, and also educational!
    Love the heirloom baby jacket with the crocheted button loops. Old ways of doing things!
    Mother of pearl buttons they call them I think, they can be artwork and really got made from the shell linings back then.
    My goodness you are able to work with your eyes still, even with a magnifier as some help in making your bead flowers. Very artful!
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Mariette, I will read your post on the moss this afternoon. I never saw that.
      I like some moss and it does look velvety but it's way too much here. The yard actually needs some more dirt dumped on it as its a slanted property and the run off is quite a lot with a heavy rain.
      Our creek has, in hard rains, made it's way to our drive way. When it makes it way there, it's deep.
      We see it like that about once a year or twice. Will see what this year brings.
      Certainly you have had your fill of wet weather it looks to be. Waking up with a headache is just so awful I know. I tell my husband I am tired of living in the suburbs. I am ready for something else. He doesn't like it a bit when I tell him that. It seems the house owns us.

      I need to have my eyes checked again as I haven't been to an eye doctor in years. I know I have astigmatism in one, probably both now. I really should take care of them better.

      We love taking the grand girls places. They are so much fun and appreciate it so much. Joyful little girls.

      Thank you for visiting and I will check out your post.
      Hugs to you and I pray no more rain for a while.

  4. Betsy, you have a lot more daffodils showing than I do. Of course, I planted them 30 years ago and never replenished so I guess I'm lucky to have any. How cute the girls are doing their crafts. They are so lucky to have you and grandpa in their lives. These are things they will never forget. Your bead flowers are pretty and look like fun. I had to quit working on my paint by number kit as it was too small for me to see, but Jerry got a great little no hands magnifyer so I might try that..Happy Tuesday.xxoJudy

  5. Betsy, the daffodils are in bloom here too. They were completely bent over and covered in snow, but have now straightened up again. Didn't think they would. It is also very soggy here. Never seen so much rain. That is the most adorable baby sweater. How lucky you are to have it. I've always had a weakness for infant sweaters...the sweet soft ones like yours. Have bought a few in thrift stores and washed them. Your granddaughters are so cute. Until just now I thought they were your daughters. You look so young.

  6. I've been seeing lots of daffodils this week! The girls snowmen turned out cute!

    1. Thank you Tanya. They had so much fun making them


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