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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Around Home

Feels like spring.  Walking around the yard yesterday and pulling some leaves away from  a few plants, which now that I think about it, I shouldn't have because it does protect them in winter and we still have a way to go.  I believe this warm spring like weather is a tease.

Next to the fence I found last season a wild rose maybe, not sure what kind it is.  Maybe previous owners planted it.  It was cut to the ground and it wasn't me who did it.  Now it is returning.  I am going to let it grow and not let it be cut back.  I didn't plant it and we have been here since 2007.

Lavender in this pot for about 4 seasons now. I cut it back often.

A little piece I cut off and pushed into the dirt last year has rooted.

Snow drops

A bed that needs some work.  Lavender has taken one side over.

A recipe I tried from a cook book called "One Pot cooking".  Fresh and simple recipes for sheet pan, slow cooker, skillet etc. 
I tweaked a little with the squash, Worcestershire sauce and extra can tomato sauce.

Steve had his with home made bread I baked earlier

I put a little fresh spinach in my bowl and poured the Fagioli on top and then a little parmesan cheese.

The butter for the bread spreads well because of this little butter bell I purchased about 8 years ago. 
Just keep cold water in the bottom of cup and turn the butter bell side over it.  Keeps a good while this way.  

Back outside is this gold dust plant I believe it's called.  It never grew the whole 13 years we've been here.  We removed a tree and now it is grown so fast.  It's bare and ugly at the fence but will look better after we finish with some planting and mulch.

Few more bags of pea gravel and some more flat stone and I will finish with the little walkway to the play house.

Finished puzzle glued to foam board ready for a frame.
Portland Light

Happy Tuesday to you. 🌞


  1. I love lavender, actually I enjoy all herbs but none survives the Winters here in ND. Your plants looks so healthy!! You must have great soil there. Sweet play house for the kids!

    1. Maybe you could try a lavender plant inside in a pot. I have had one on the porch for good while now.

  2. Dearest Betsy,
    We've had the very same balmy and sunny weather and on Monday when I drove to Atlanta it was 76 F.
    Today we got storm and heavy rain with flash flood warning. Still balmy though and our Japanese Magnolia is in full bloom.
    Wish we had that much luck with Lavender; we have tried numerous ones but they all died in the heat of summer.
    Your soil looks very fertile and yes, the root system of big trees interfere with the growth of shrubs and plants and Pieter always says that he's convinced that even the roots kind of emit something that works antagonistic.
    Your shrub will be grateful and give it some years to branch out and shape up in the full light and without root competition.

  3. I am hearing flooding so much this year. I am seeing trees uprooted too. Some of the Blue Ridge was closed and I believe it must have been because of down trees maybe. We saw workers cutting limbs and removing from the roadway.
    I am leery of walking in the forest area because of a tree falling. It's sopping wet in places.
    Yes the tree was taking too much from the plant and no sun. It was a hemlock and we have another that is so large in our yard but too costly to remove at this time.
    Hugs bety


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