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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Art at the Museum

A visit a week or so ago to Edward Hopper and the American Hotel exhibition at Virginia Museum Fine Arts.

One especially I found interesting  is the study for the hotel lobby
Finished piece here and explanation follows

sketches of seated figure of woman and changes made
shorter arms and seating as explained above and the finished piece 

A mock up here of hotel lobby and suitcases

I hope this can be read as I had to tweak it some because it was real blurry

House at Dusk

People in the Sun 

Western Motel   1957

Staged like a room at a hotel with real furniture.  We saw this from the glass.

wall shadows

Hotel by a railroad   1952

In the sitting area I see this lamp.  I want one like this.  

This is a close up of several black roses.  Taken with my camera while I wait for husband to read each and every posting of display at the Museum.  

It's a close up of my handbag a friend gave me for Christmas and the light caught the roses just right which made them sparkle.  

Another puzzle I have to put together


  1. Dearest Betsy,
    The American Hotel Exhibition with those paintings is a kind of cold, staged... Not a real warm and natural setting.
    But I LOVE your closeup of the black roses! Wish you had described them a bit more. Was that a leather handbag?
    Stunning looking and to me, the best photo subject here...

  2. I think I will enlarge and frame my roses on handbag.. A leather composite I guess one could say. I love it too.
    The exhibition had many more paintings and had seating with books on the gentleman. I did enjoy it. I especially enjoyed seeing the way he sketched his subjects and then changed the clothing and made them more in proportion. Thank you for your interest Mariette and glad you visited. Happy Tuesday, Betsy

  3. I would love to see this exhibit! I especially enjoyed the preliminary sketches and seeing how he used them in the paintings.

    1. There were sculpture but I didn't post it here. I especially like the way he used preliminary sketches like you said and seeing finished product. So much to see and take in.

  4. Hi Betsy. That looks like a another interesting adventure. I can look at art and almost see how a line was drawn or a color shaded, but if you were to put a brush in my hand there is no way I could paint anything beautiful. Very interesting studies of these painters. I do love your black roses. Sometimes the eye can see just the right thing and with the camera make a really beautiful picture. You did that with the roses. I love it when that happens, but with me not that often..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  5. What an amazing exhibition it was, you left me wanting to know more. Most interesting.

    1. I am glad you found it interesting. There was so much more. Here is a link to see what some paintings were about and the man himself.

  6. Looks like a great exhibit! Hopper's work is iconic.

  7. It was a great exhibit with so much more. Love his work.


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