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Friday, January 31, 2020

A few things

Well, what happened to winter? I must have missed it.
 Seems to be more like spring weather.  I hope our azaleas and other shrubs do not put out buds too early only to have a late snow or freezing temperatures ruin them.

I should be working on inside chores but this puzzle husband gave me for Christmas is keeping me occupied at the moment.
Only 500 pieces but somewhat challenging as there are so many pinks and blue and black pieces that make up the rocky shore.

Eating light last night.  Yes, I like Brussel sprouts.  Frozen from the grocer and tasted just as good to me as fresh.  Baked on a tray in the oven.  I put a little olive on them with pepper and a very little salt.  Soup was so easy.  Campbells tomato with pepper, tiny bit of butter and fresh parmesan on top.  This colorful soup and sandwich set was given to us from DIL Miranda and I love using it.     

later in the evening there was a homemade apple pie I made from some very tart Winesap  apples I brought back from my sisters house in Maine this past  September.  I wish I could have gotten more.  Never had an apple this good.   Cut up, added spices and a little corn starch and flour, tossed together and froze in a pie pan.  I took it from the pie pan and placed the shape in a pie crust I made, baked.  The top has oatmeal, brown sugar, butter and a little flour mix to crumble on top.

Out of the oven.

I love this green ware set of dessert plates and a cake plate my sister gifted me.  Sweet little salt and pepper shakers from her also.
I remember Mama having a set of dessert glasses and some other green ware, don't know what happened to them, guess all broken as time went on.   I would love to have a dinner ware set like this.  I just like the feel and green milk glass look with the little raised beading.  I guess it's like Hobnail?

Ya know, I do like a piece of sharp cheddar on top of a warm apple pie, but not this time.

Monday we took the girls to the science museum which they love visiting.  Giant insects on display.  The girls were amazed especially when they saw that they actually moved.

This giant cricket was the first on the exhibit to see as we walked in.

The horned beetles in the background were moving also. They were showed in a fight locking their horns(I guess that is what they are called) . 

Adalyn proud of a rubbing she did of a cricket along with Genevieve

The pictures of bugs clicked on will make their sounds.  G.V. covered her ears. I don't think she likes bugs anyway, and now less probably.  

A short clip of some bugs

Lunch at the café at the museum.  They are adding more to their menu and it's a good place to get a bite. 
Well that is it for today
Happy Weekend Everyone


  1. What a great post, full of all kinds of interesting and neat things. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am a fan of brussel sprouts too. That pie looked delicious

  3. Dearest Betsy,
    Those were GIANT BUGS!
    The video showed an error message...
    We too ate soup for two days, best for this kind of weather.
    The Campbell Soups are way too salty for us, for years we have let them be...
    Sounds like your apple pie was a treat!

    1. It may be your browser? I don't know why it doesn't show. Campbell soups do come in low sodium now. We eat them in once in a while but not often.

    2. Okay, a day later on my MacBook at the hotel it works! What an educative place with true sounds and moving bugs too!
      Yeah, the regular tomato soup is 48% and the low sodium is 29%.
      We buy only Trader Joe's Organic Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup in low sodium and that is 6% so that is a HUGE difference!
      For healthy heart and kidneys, Campbell would mean a nail on the coffin...

  4. Betsy,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! Love your Jadite dishes!! They are stunning!! What a great place to visit with your grandchildren!!

  5. Hi Betsy. Love the header and pretty puzzle. We are having sunny weather but BRR is it cold. The girls looks like they are having fun and your jadite dishes are beautiful. I made homemade tomato soup yesterday and we ate it watching Super Bowl. That dessert looks marvelous..Happy Monday..xxoJudy


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