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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Basil Jelly

I gathered my basil this morning to make basil jelly, which I love.   The basil I grew is called spicy basil.  Definitely has a spicy flavor to it for sure and the scent is sweet.   I found a recipe from  "The Saucy Southerner" online and it worked with a cup less sugar than most of the other sites were calling for.  No extra juices like apple or lemon added.  Just plain Basil Jelly.   I did add a few pepper flakes to it.  Lids sealed as I took  them from the hot water bath.

I added a drop of yellow + blue food coloring to give it a pretty green color.

A little I have in a jar in the refrigerator for later over cream cheese and biscuits 

I followed the instructions and let it come to a rolling boil.  I hear or read where people say it doesn't set up and gel.  Mine did.   It said a rolling boil for a minute but I kept testing on a cold plate and it went over a minute.  

   I printed my recipe to use again.  I guess the site doesn't mind me using it here.  I give them credit.

The only salmon colored  Zinnia I have blooming.  The rest are pink, red, white and yellow.
Good Tuesday to all


  1. Dearest Betsy,
    Wow, you have been a very industrious busy bee and I love the fact that it is all basil without other ingredients.
    Looks pretty and that might be due to the food coloring you've added...

    1. Indeed, I wanted all basil flavor with out the lemon juice or apple juice that so many call for. I did put food coloring as it is a brownish green color without it. It's the first time I have used food coloring.

  2. NOW...that one is a new one on me, never heard of or tried Basil jelly. I love basil though.

    1. It is so good. I hope you can try it sometimes.

  3. Hi Betsy. I bet that is so good. I have had jalepeno jelly (red) on cream chesse. Delicious, so I would imagine this would be just as good if not better. Pretty color too. We are still pretty hot here, so I hoping fall weather isn't too far away. I love those little owls too. We hear one once in awhile but haven't seen any. Thanks for the visit..xxoJudy

  4. wow! this is so nice! I've never heard of it. But I'll definitely be delicious!

    1. I planted basil this year that has a sweet basil taste and aroma. I love basil jelly and I like mint basil too.

  5. I love your blog. Have a nice weekend hugs Nina

  6. Beautiful basil jelly!!Love that color!! Thank you for the recipe Betsy!


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