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Saturday, June 29, 2019


The children brought over their Lego set.  Haven't put one together in ages.  It was fun and once starting to work on it, we couldn't or I should say I couldn't stop putting it together.
The girls 7 and 5 helped a lot as far as getting the pieces that the work book called for as we followed the steps.
I mentioned to them not to dump the three bags of pieces out before we started but that had already been done.

Getting there.  You can see my drying rack on the left as that is where the bathing suits and towels went when they got back from the pool with Opa.

Meanwhile I went out to water the plants again.   The weather is terribly hot.  Today was hitting around 96 degrees.

The hummingbird vine is blooming and growing fast along the fence.

Finished.  There is one missing piece we found after the picture and that is the extra toy box that goes on the bottom.  Ready for the next one.


  1. Sweet photos of all the fun with the children. I remember doing this with our son many years ago. Your flowers are beautiful and I love how you have hung a planter on the fence.

  2. HAHA...not done Legos in YEARS! I used to love Ticker Toys and those Logs where you used to build buildings! Memories. Love the hummingbird vine. I just planted one a couple weeks ago where a friend gave me, she had several plants. I planted mine in a big pot and bought a trellis for it to go up, and it is growing and going up! Can't wait to see how it looks. Never had one. Been hot here in TN also. I feel like I am melting. Biggest thing though is we have had in middle Tn 18 tornados in June. Several nights in a row we were having some really wicked storms.

  3. Legos are the best toys for the children. They help them to be more creative!

  4. Creating some treasured memories with those beautiful girls. I keep a box of lego here for when the children visit, its a great team building project.

    1. I do hope they remember fondly all of the things we do and have done together. I know it's been a joy for Steve and I
      You are so right, a team building project it is.

  5. Times like this are some that stick with a child for years, so it's great to be a part of their lives. I do hope it cools off for you. You could send some of the heat my way, as it's winter in my New Zealand world!

    My Corner of the World


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