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Monday, June 10, 2019


Cleaning the garden  beds a little today.  Yesterday picked lavender and then hung it so it will dry.
Not as many wands  this year as the plant was hurt some by the heavy snow that was sitting on it and split a branch.  It's still alive and blooming
This just picked and it sitting on our new table for our porch.  It's vintage wrought iron table with four chairs and I love it.  Retro I guess like the porch. I couldn't pass it up.

Nice well made table and a great price

few more cukes I picked before the rain.

You can see we have jalousie windows and I didn't use to like them but now I do.
I purchased vinyl channel strip that  fit's on top of the glass to seal out air and it has cut down on some noise.  
A work in progress.  

Once I got moving and put on two, it went fast.  Cleaning the screen and windows took longer.
We were going to replace these windows but I like them better now and the directional flow of the air coming in with me controlling it is nice.

A plastic vase I purchased at Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens is holding some Black eyed Susans
on our new to us table.

Onto the Lavender
The wands you saw at the beginning of post were trimmed and bunched and now hang on a coat hanger drying.   

Here in this little cheese crock is where I have extra lavender buds from last year.  Still highly fragrant.

Taking the car today to get four new tires the sky was just beautiful.
Fluffy white clouds

Not anymore - its raining and thundering now.
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  1. I am betting your home is smelling wonderful at the moment with the lovely fragrance of lavender.

  2. Betsy, your lavender is leaps and bounds ahead of mine. I do have one plant (I found out after I planted it that I don't like it as well as the English or French lavender) Spanish lavender that is blooming now..Love you new patio set..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy


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