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Saturday, June 8, 2019

20 hours ago

I will always be careful of what I ask for from now on.
It was a downpour but it moved fast.
So thankful for good drainage.  some have water standing their yards.

Rain gone and I picked this rose for my  Posey  holder


  1. Betsy,
    The rose is just lovely!! We finally have our first dry weekend since March!!! Can you believe it has been so long??? We worked out i the yard today and will attack the back patio tomorrow...Thanks so much for stopping by and for your encouragement!!

  2. My goodness that was some downpour, you must be really thankful for good drainage.

  3. OMG! is it raining? we are in 93 degree!

  4. We finally had some rain, too. Of course it came on the four day weekend we traveled but we needed it so much, we can’t complain! (Except when we had to pull off the road when we couldn’t see through the deluge!). What a perfect rose. So pretty.

  5. I guess we will be having rain off and on for a few days. That's quite a deluge you had there in that video. Love your beautiful red rose and that delightful little posy holder. Such a neat idea for a single red rose, or any flower. Enjoy the rest of your week Betsy and thank you for visiting my blog. I answered your question on the bears there. Hope it was a good answer :)


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