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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Happy Sunday

Picked a few from the fence line this morning.  I love the Black Eyed Susan as I call them.  They never disappoint.   Zinnias are always one that's so easy to grow.

A few here by the garage for a pop of color

A pretty Dahlia bloom in the pot that I thought I had ruined.  Twining's Dahlia Smartie.  I think I like these the best with the purplish red and white petals.

These are growing along the azaleas near the children's playhouse

I have this pot near the drive with a sweet frog peeking out

Giant begonias and two growing in this planter

Cypress vine or hummingbird vine as I call it
 Another pot still looking good at the garage

I have a cypress vine in this pot with the petunias that will cover and bloom white and red and pink flowers.

A potato basket or some kind of vegetable basket I purchased and used for a planter instead.  Cypress vine and a piece of ivy in there.
 Hope every one is having a wonderful Sunday


  1. Dearest Betsy,
    Your pot plants look all happy and healthy.
    When we did come home from our trip to Europe, we found 10 dead pot plants... Very sad sight!
    Not every care taker has the same 'heart' for green plants like we do, for keeping them happy and healthy.
    Happy Sunday!

    1. It is so sad to see dead potted plants after taking care of them. I try to find someone to water mine when I am gone but sometimes that doesn't work out. I won't be going anywhere much right now anyway. You know, I actually worry about my plants being watered and staying alive while I am away.
      Hugs and Happy Sunday to you Mariette,

  2. Your flowers are so pretty, especially that dahlia. The changing flowers are one of the best features of summer.

  3. Beautiful, a wonderful array of healthy plants and bright colours. A joy to take a stroll with you.

  4. Beautiful! So many pretty flowers in your garden, love them :)

  5. Betsy, your flowers are so pretty and healthy looking. I can't take mine too close up because there are so many holes in the leaves. Either we didn't put stuff out soon enough or didn't use the right stuff. I have one zinnia that is finally popping, not much of a showing so far. My hydrangeas are horrible this year. Not very big blooms and the stems just don't want to support what is there. Kind of like me!. Thanks for your visit. I have seen alphabet boards for sale, but that particular one, Tami got for me when she worked at the elementary school. A teacher was throwing it out and she though I would like it. She was right!..Happy Monday..xxoJudy

  6. Beautiful pictures!
    I love your comment. Like any other tea, Chinese tea also has various tea. White tea is very light, where as black tea is strong. Some tea have more flavor, some have color, as well as flavor. Some has strong liquor. The color, aroma, flavor all depends on the height of the garden, plucking time, processing time, and many more.
    Yes! loose tea is always better than tea bags, because during the process of making tea bags, the tea looses taste, aroma, and flavor. :)


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