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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happy Humpday

I just potted some lettuce in a planter in my window.  It will be up in no time.  I like it in my window upstairs so I can just open it and snip some off.  Well until it gets beastly hot and then  something else will be planted there.
I keep the planter growing downstairs in the kitchenette and laundry area where it's cooler in the window during summer

I am surprised to see these chives up after neglecting them and leaving the pot out in the snow.   But they are and I guess they are just hardy like those wild onions that grow ever so vigorously in my yard.

Now I remember what the stick was in this pot, it bloomed and I must put it in the ground.  I pushed the cuttings in the dirt very early last year and they rooted very well.

I took this picture yesterday and the two above in the rain.  Just where I needed to be with sniffles.

Yes, I looked over and noticed something very light in color and zoomed in to see the daffys by the oak growing well.  I hope they spread.

zoomed in a little closer and yes they are blooming. I don't see any others.  I threw bulbs out there a season or two ago and see some made it.

Well I am disappointed in seeing these buds right now, I was so hoping to get to move them before this because it's too much in this area by the fence door.  If I disturb them, I am  afraid I will disturb the buds and the  Peony will not bloom.

I need to find a new place for gator.

Well leftovers tonight.   We had chili last night.   I browned beef, added the sauted onions, pepper, garlic (forgot the carrots as love carrots in sauces like this) and mushrooms.  Celery seed, pepper and chili seasoning.
I put black beans in this chili along with two cans of crushed tomatoes and a small can of paste.  Oh yes, worcestershire sauce.  Gotta have just a tad bit.
I chopped the mushrooms a little more.  I usually like bella but white mushrooms are what I had on hand.

I used a liner in my crock pot like a baking bag.  Less messy pot this time.  

A small bowl for me with a salad and my favorite unsweetened cranberry juice.  I love the stuff.
I put a little parmesan cheese on mine with plain croutons.

Til next time


  1. Your forsythia is so bright and lovely. And now you have more. We used to have a long row of forsythia, but removed it when we had our fence installed years ago. Your chili looks good. I'm sure it tasted yummy. I'm eating low carb now and miss dishes like chili. I did make some this winter without beans for me and added them to the rest of the family's portion. Stay out of the rain, my friend.

  2. It's lovely to see your garden . My backyard is in mess, but this year we cannot do in our backyard. We are concentrating in our front yard this year.

  3. Signs of Spring all around. The chilli looks delicious, my hubby would certainly enjoy it.

  4. Dearest Betsy,
    Oh a garden is always full of surprises and I certainly hope that your daffodils will start spreading there near the tree roots!
    We have planted thousands, all fragrant heirloom daffodils for early, mid and late season to have them spread out.
    But by now it is almost impossible to gather more than ONE vase... no blooms, only green stalks.
    There seems to be a kind of juice or whatever emitted by the roots of big trees, that negatively affect bulbs or any other plants!
    Happy Spring and hugs,

    1. Hello Mariette,
      I have some that didn't bloom this year but I think it's because of not getting enough light under some trees. They are pretty foliage but no blooms. I probably cut some greenery too soon last year instead of waiting for it to to die back on it's own.
      Happy Spring to you and hope it's sunny where you are, it's rainy here.
      Hugs to you

  5. Looks good Betsy. I admire anyone that can just shove a stick in the ground and it grows something beautiful. One time we threw a pumpkin out after fall and the next year we had a vine and one more pumpkin. Have tried it since with no luck..Happy Wednesday..Judy


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