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Friday, August 24, 2018

Happy Friday

There were several finches pulling seeds from my sunflower yesterday. 
Such pretty little birds

A visit to my sister in laws home and saw so many pretty flowers.
Cute little hummingbird moth as I call it was on her zinnias

her pretty deck flowers

Sunflowers reaching for the sun.  So tall.

Phlox growing near her porch

Another moonflower decided to bloom at my home. Their blooms were 
not as plentiful this year, but the vines sure were and huge leaves.

Here is a clip of the sweet little finch pulling out the seeds from the sunflower

                              Hummingbird moth


  1. Th sunflowers were a joy, they are so pretty.

  2. Betsy, I just love seeing a place where someone is really a gardener. So pretty and the little finch is so precious..Happy Summertime..xxoJudy

  3. Love your darling little goldfinch enjoying your sunflower seeds. We've had them at our Rudbeckia this week. Your sister-in-law's sunflowers are lovely. I wish I had enough sun to grow them. They are the one of the happiest flowers. I haven't seen many sphinx moths (hummingbird moths) this year. They are such interesting little creatures. Nature is always amazing to me. ♥

  4. Good Sunday Morning to you, Betsy!!
    Your SIL's blooms are lovely!! The spruce trees are over 10 years old. During the Summer , I fertilize them about once a month with Miracid which is for evergreens. I beleive they have reached their max height. I do have to spray them from time to time with a mixture of dish washing liquid and water to keep the spiders ( which we have a lot of) off them. They will kill them if left unattended......
    Thanks so much for visiting!! Have a great day!!

  5. Just beautiful! My biggest, oldest hibiscus got inundated with spider mites late this week. We sprayed the heck out of them yesterday and know are just keeping our fingers crossed. At least 2 more treatments before we can claim any success.

  6. Such a nice selection of photographs, and it was great seeing the two video clips.

    All the best Jan

  7. What beautiful photos of the finches and flowers!

  8. Pretty summer flowers, and good capture of the goldfinch and hummingbird moth.

  9. Beautiful flowers. Love the Zinnias, I should plant them next year. We call those Gypsy moth around here and indeed they're beautiful creatures. The birds are lovely!


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