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Friday, August 10, 2018

Happy Friday

Always nice to have sunshine, inside and out.  Happy Friday.

Few stragglers

My niece laid out this brunch for her future sister in law bridal shower.
Everything was so good and especially that yogurt with oatmeal and berries on top.

I made some scones and my sister cut up fruit and made a delicious quiche.   The scones are butterscotch,  white choc. chips with cranberries, and cheddar cheese and sage. 

til next time


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, the cheddar sage were the flakiest.

  2. just made me hungry!

  3. Dearest Betsy,
    That was yummy food for a Bridal shower brunch.
    Lovely photos and you sure made some good scones.

  4. Goodness that is a lovely spread of delicious looking yummy food. The ingredients in the scones intrigued me. They sounded wonderful! You have the loveliest flowers, and I am envious of your home grown produce.


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