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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

City sites

Some pictures taken around Savannah Ga..  We didn't get around the area like we wanted as it was just miserably hot most days.  We took the trolley sightseeing tour around the city.

Factors row buildings surprised us when we first got here as they didn't seem to be but a couple of stories tall from Bay street.  They are really 5 to 6 story buildings.

Factors row or walk named for the cotton factors or brokers.  Upper level were offices and lower level were warehouses.
You can see the lower level is quite a way down

City exchange Fire Bell
small replica of the city exchange bell tower.  Dating back to 1802, this fire bell was imported from Amsterdam.

We stayed in on of the original warehouses.  Our balcony to the right.
The balcony to the left is Tubby's restaurant.    I enjoyed the  fried green tomato, bacon and tomato salad with feta cheese.. Delicious!
I have always had fried red firm tomatoes from the garden but never green before.

Steve had cheese grits and fish.

Cathedral of St John the Baptist

Mercer Williams House.. It was this house that Jim Williams fatally shot Danny Hansford in 1983.  Williams was tried 3 times and found innocent of all crimes.  Williams died in this house in the same room he shot Hansford.
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was made famous from this story being the main story behind the book.

I love ironwork and there is much of it here.

Many homes steps are set to the side of the entrance.

First African American Baptist Church

Trees dripping with Spanish moss.  Member of the Bromeliad family like the other known member,  the pineapple. Native to the Americas, the moss is neither Spanish or moss.  It grows in areas with a high level of moisture as it obtains it's moisture from the air.  Best not to handle it or be careful when doing so because it can make you itch from the chiggers that can be in it.


  1. Savannah is beautiful!

    I love how they warn you about the "historic" steps. ;)

  2. I enjoyed your photos of Savannah. It's a beautiful southern town and we enjoyed exploring it when we lived near there. It looks like you were able to see a lot in spite of the heat.

  3. I have heard how beautiful Savanna is. You took great photos Betsy.

  4. You took us on an amazing tour. That is what I love about blogging, seeing parts of the world I wouldn't normally see.

    1. I feel the same as you about blogging. I love seeing where you live and hearing stories and history of the area. I am sure I will never see it but good to have you share will all of us.

  5. Betsy, what a gorgeous place to photograph and to have a vacation in. Your pictures are just beautiful and I forgot to mention last time about the dragonfly and how pretty it is. I have never eaten fried tomatoes for some reason and it was a long time ago when I saw Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I think I will watch it again. How do you get your pictures so large if you don't mind giving away trade secrets?..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  6. Betsy,
    Stunning photos!! This summer is just too hot for me...
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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