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Friday, October 20, 2017


October 18 was my grand daughter Genevieve's birthday and the birthday of my sister Donna.
Sharing a few pictures of Genevieve's that was celebrated at the putt putt golf course in Glen Allen, Va.. Birthday princess had a wonderful time.   She had to go with her mom to pick out her own cake.  It was Sponge Bob (both girls love Sponge Bob).   Genevieve knew just where she wanted her party and helped Mom plan it.   She is a helper. 
Princess standing at her Dad's car in her tiara

Oh yes,  we had to check out her boots.

Next up is sister Adalyn.  Sweet little girl she is in her little boots

A game off putt putt was played before subs and cake.

Sponge Bob cake

After subs and Genevieve finished her favorite tuna sub - time for cake.
Sister and two cousins patiently wait for the cake.

Grandads in background 

Baby alive is what she wanted and Mom and Dad granted her wish.
Took it home and their puppy named Star ate the carrier.  Baby Alive is fine and not touched.


mamasmercantile said...

Belated Birthday wishes to a wonderful princess. Looks like a great party.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Betsy,
Well your granddaughter Genevieve got her day of attention on her recent birthday and you got some valuable photos of it for memories later.
Guess you did not intend to write gold course but golf course...
Belated happy birthday also to your sister Donna!
If we compare our childhood with birthdays to what kids nowadays receive on attention and sweets + gifts, it makes me silent!
We never got a gift and at times our parents were even too busy to remember the birthday. That happened to husband Pieter once. Maybe he was 8 years old and late afternoon he could no longer bear it and had to cry out! Sad but they worked so hard in the greenhouses and lived a rough life. The same for me during the post WWII years, there was nothing!
Sending you hugs,