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Monday, August 8, 2016

getting there

Sunday,  took off to visit my Mother about 50 minutes away.  Steve decided to stop at McDonald for a snack at 3:10,  got out the car, I pushed the lock and Guess What!? The keys were left in it.
  Called the BP motor club, who are very good by the way.   Not their fault that the first two called to come decided that they couldn't open our door.    We decided to eat some burgers and I had an Egg McMuffin for a snack while waiting.  We hadn't had lunch anyway.    Coffee and a wait inside.

Finally from 315 to 510 some one came and opened up the door....  Didn't get to see mom, will go another day this week.  Two hours waiting.

On the way home we see this  pretty rainbow.

Finally some progress being made on out porch.   The sealer, then the plastic sheathing,  I don't know what it is really but will be another barrier from moisture on the porch.  The mortar and tile laid, then grout.

This picture before any tile laid - The leveler poured on the slab to make it as even as possible.

The silver lining to that rainbow.

Now if I could just figure out how to get my comment box put back here for blogger and comments.   If curser is held over the google plus button on bottom of post,  a pop up shows and a comment can be left for google plus.   I don't like google plus and want to  disconnect.   I will never mess with it again after fixing this ,  if I can that is.

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