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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Porch floor finished

Porch floor is finished and looks so clean.    I need to update the window blinds and clean the windows.   Will put a childrens small wood rectangle table  in here so the kids can color and do crafts.
The big elephant in the room is the portable air conditioner but it cools, not sure how much we will use this room in the winter.  Might get a little electric heater for days out there.
Right now it feels so clean with the floor and new door, even though we still may have to have it swapped for the inovo door we ordered, this is prism, but will see.
some cleaning and window treatment to take care of

Wednesday is re pointing of the front steps and repairing wall in back at the sliding door.
Hopefully I can start the ceiling painting tomorrow in the bedroom where the children sleep when they come over.

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