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Friday, August 19, 2016

just another day

Just another day here and everyone keeping busy,  especially the girls.
Here they couldn't make up their minds what they wanted to do first,  so they just tossed around some ideas - on the floor that is.

They all got picked up by Adalyn before some cookies I baked yesterday

While Adalyn was busy, Genevieve was busy in the office at Opa's work area.
Little fuzzy because of me moving to see what she was into there.

She said she is doing  her work stuff

She's working alright!
Steve usually puts up a page where she can type in letters or numbers and she likes doing that.

Meantime the front steps are being repointed and now drying before the cleanup.

                                         Back to the cookies
This recipe I used from a land O lakes margarine package.  It is soooo good.  I was surprised that they didn't melt down like others I have made when used just margarine instead of butter.

The recipe calls for peanuts and candy coated milk choc. pieces, and I didn't have that so I used asst.  semi choc. chips and some caramel chips  I had on hand.
Instead of the peanuts, I used slivered almonds and almond extract.  The oatmeal was 3 packages plain instant oatmeal.

These turned out really well and the texture was really great.  I did grease my dark cookie sheet because one batch I didn't grease turned out way to dark on the bottom, so greasing really worked for me.  They are just about all gone.
Next week vacation - get away a few days.

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