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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our July four parade

Steve carrying our chairs and Adalyn pushing Genevieve for a spot on the lawn or sidewalk to watch the July four parade.

Here comes a train

Such a little helper

Got our spot and they were excited to see the pets on parade

Ashlands Mayor Spagna

Snow cones a must

Taking time out to savor every sip - serious sipping going on here

Basset hound brigade

Ashlands finest

Oh yes ,  time for an Italian ice

She is sitting on the other side of Opa because she was a little angry at me,  she was having no part of me helping feed her an Italian ice, no way,  gonna do it all by herself -  and she didn't drop a bit.

Steve asks Addy to come along and take the last leg of the parade with Genevieve - and they did.

there they go

inside the Arts and Activities center for a look at the pies

The one on the right with the stars and stripes looks so good and fitting for independence day

On England Street Addy had her picture taken in front of a large strawberry,  it was there for the strawberry faire in June.

Grand opening of the new sweet shop on July fourth made for a good stop after just getting back from Taco bell for lunch after the parade.

making faces

Had to get Genevieve out because she had her hand in every candy jar in the place

Addy picks the one she wants

time to go


  1. Hi Betsy, Wow you all must have had a spectacular day. Those little dogs, with hats, in the wagon, and the serious sipping just took my heart. I miss those days when the kids and grandkid were little. So much fun and you will be so happy that you have all those pictures to look back on. Picture taking was not so much on my agenda back in those days so don't have as many as I should..Happy Thursday..Judy

  2. Oh Betsy, that looks like some good old fashioned fun! A parade, how fun! And the dogs were show stoppers I'm sure! It looks like the girls were having such a fun time. The snowcone picture of the two of them sucking on the straws is adorable! And the sweet shop photos are cute too, that little table is perfect for them. The apple pie contest reminds me of days gone by too.
    Thanks for always sharing the cuteness of your grandgirls with us! Love it.
    Happy Sunday!


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