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Saturday, July 11, 2015

The glads have started to bloom.  I didn't stagger plantings of any of the bulbs this year so all of them will come in at once or close to it.

Large leaves of my begonia show the glads well I think

this one is done in photo shop with the plastic film look

In an old sauers extract bottle sitting on a window ledge

I have to bring in what few blooms have made it so far this year because the Japanese beetles are horrible this year.  The are eating up anything that grows.

portulaca on fence

the only bloom I have this year for the hydrangea

I purchased a few succulents and love how this one looks in the frog planter

this one growing in a plastic stemmed goblet


  1. gorgeous blooms. i am curious - what gives your pictures/ blooms that oily look? is that a new application? or? very cool. have a nice week. ( :

  2. Nice work! I have not tried that plastic effect.


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