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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

what's growing

Plenty of rain and days with heavy humidity hasn't been really good to my plants.

Plenty of mushroom growth.  I have to make sure the grandchildren do not get a hold of these.

  Seems like the moles are more active this year along with the voles.
What used to look like this (above)
 now looks like

I pulled up what I had left with roots , place in the ground some plastic fencing,  hope it keeps the varmints out

Japanese beetles love the Hibiscus.  So far I have been keeping them off.


I don't think the begonias can be hurt by anything,  they always thrive through too much rain, bugs and extreme heat.

few glads blooming

puny little moonflower vine.  I am hoping it will climb the light post eventually.

Didn't plant much in the way of veggies this year,  I want to next year,  but so far the tomatoes I have pulled off have had rot at the base.   One reason is too much rain.

cukes here

mums blooming

Well that's about it for now.


  1. That is a wonderful close-up shot of the zinnia. Beautiful! The heat is really taking a toll on my flowers now, too. We have had too much rain, and now the heat and humidity has arrived.

  2. Hi Betsy ,
    that your plants so suffer from the rain and even mushrooms growing out of the ground , is very sad . Here in Germany , all gardeners want some rain , because the plants burn and dry up under the baking sun . The climate capers are really extreme !The begonias look very healthy , who are with us but certainly not hardy .

  3. These pictures are beautiful! It has been so hot here that I'm afraid some of our plants have been fried in the garden. Luckily my tomatoes are in a good spot this year and seem to love it! I would love for you to come for a visit Enjoy your week! xoxo Mickey

  4. I like your flower arrangement, especially the way the gladiola stems curve, and such a pretty red. Your zinnias are pretty, and the outdoor begonias are amazing! I haven't tried that. We had hot days, then it cooled off but an extended week plus of 90º+ is coming, so I sympathize. I have battles with moles and voles too. I use lava rock in planting holes to protect the roots, it helps. I like your vegetable garden, I am first of all a vegetable grower. No tomatoes yet, but maybe soon. I've been getting cucumbers, squash, and beans mostly, and fruit.

    1. Thank you Hannah - I love gladiolas, they last a good while in water for arrangements.


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