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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lewis Ginter and Orchids part one

Inside the Conservatory at Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens were Orchids. Lots of Orchids,  more than I knew existed.   Glorious colors.   The  blue orchids caught my attention right away.  
I had Addy with me and she enjoyed her stroll through the flowers.  The strong pinks caught her eyes .    It was a grey and very chilly day,  but we were warm and cozy inside among such pretty plants and flowers.
 A pot of orchids at the waterfall neat the entrance

she loves flowers  - you can see she has my keys 

close up of the Bird of Paradise
Whimsical and colorful way to display the orchids among the bottle trees as we make our way to another room in the conservatory
close up of one that lines the planter below

I love the orange and pinks together

bags of orchids

Petty lime colored ones

I've not seen  red bottled like the ones above,  maybe glass paint?
I want some
til next time


  1. thanks for coming by, Betsy. I love these colorful plants, bottles and tipsy pots. Can't wait for Spring and Summer. I love to garden and this really strikes my fancy right about now! They are so beautiful. The Boston Flower Show is coming in March and I'm really looking forward to going to it!

  2. Oh, how beautiful Betsy! What a fun thing for you and little Addy to do together. How cute! Gina


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