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Friday, October 12, 2012

Colonial Beach in October

Steve and I drove to Colonial beach last week.   We like walking along the shore and picking up shells,  little bits of glass and driftwood.   I always take some home.     While we are there we sometimes eat at Fat Friedas,  great food.   I got the flounder sandwich with onion rings and Steve got the Cuban sandwich - mighty delicious.   With my coffee we strolled the beach
October sky -  beautiful!  Among the homes below sits
The Bell House

This is taken from the side street - Colonel J. Burnside built it in 1883- son of  Civil War General Ambrose Burnside
The Colonel lost the house to the government over pay issues in the Union Army accts.
Owned first by A. Bells father then by Alexander himself
The home overlooks the Potomic River

more info from this site -
Though not to far from where I live ,   we would like to  spend a couple of nights
a respite for us - just to get away somewhere quiet

clear evening view to the town - calm water
Heres looking to the Maryland shore

I turned and started walking  toward the parking area
I look down and see this sea bird coming towards me
Sort of scary at first because he definitely wasn't afraid of me .
Never been around one  this friendly
He got up close and started  pecking at his foot,  seemed a little bashful now.
Very pretty gray feathers
he did not mind having his picture taken
He is so sweet looking

Anyway minutes later Steve said he found a shark - I hate sharks but the one he found was o.k.
A piece of drift that looks like a shark ,  thats a keeper

Walking back to the car we see since our last visit that there has been sprucing up around the area
nice plantings and decorative rock and fencing.
Will be back in a few weeks for more driftwood

til next time


  1. nice day on the shores indeed there. I so love that piece of wood, it's more of an arrow than anything.. which is perfect for a sign!!

    warm hugs,

    Cotton Peony

  2. Such a pretty area! That house is amazing and the bird is just adorable! How lucky for you that he got so close for pictures.

  3. Hi Betsy! That house is just beautiful, it looks so tall and narrow. And you know how I love the seashore! Those bird photos are just precious. Amazing that it let you get so close. How fun! Thanks for sharing! Gina


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