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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Out with Addy

Friday was such a pretty fall day.    I took my grand daughter for a stroll to a historical area not to far from me for a change of scenery.    Pretty park like setting here in the courtyard that houses the old courthouse and Jail.    She has her favorite apple and  carrot juice with her.

on our way in


Jail in distance
Early 19th century, built about 1835 - with stone quarried from the South Anna river, the walls are  24 inches thick
Two cells and a passageway on each floor.  Used as a jail til late 1930's .  Home now to Hanover Historical Society

Very little sunlight I would imagine getting through these small windows

I like the way the shadows from the trees are casts on the court house and grounds

Other than Patrick Henrys "Parsons Cause case "  important events included:

Visited by Wm Byrd in 1741

The famous Presbyterian minister Samuel Davies sent Hanover troops off to the French and Indian war with a sermon at the courthouse

The Resolutions of 1774 sent John Syme and Patrick Henry to the Virginia Convention

Visited by the Marqui  de Chastellux in the fall of 1781 on his way to visit General Nelson at Offley(western Hanover)

Lord Cornwallis and his army camped here in 1781

A Resolution condemning the African slave trade as dangerous was passed at the courthouse

J.E.B Stuart received his commission in the Confederate army at the courthouse and had his cavalry headquarters here during winter of 1863 - 64

She is thinking about getting around the tree.  Very cautious in these early stages of her starting to walk

She sees something here

Here I come

This is the time I put the camera down and pick her up and kiss her sweet little chunky cheeks,  I love seeing her smile like that

On the way out.   The large boxwoods against the old brick wall scent the air.
Back home again

The pumpkin near the top of the steps is one Addy picked out for me at the pumpkin patch
til next time

Happy Sunday


  1. Hi Betsy! Addy is so cute and she definitely has a sweet smile! Thanks for sharing your outing with us. Gina

  2. Hi Betsy,
    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your comment about the corn pudding. It really is good, and you'll have to let me how you like it. Your granddaughter is precious and I enjoyed seeing the photos of her and the historic buildings. I used to teach US history to 5th graders.

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    Thanks and have a great day!


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