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Sunday, October 28, 2012

few b'day pics

Last Saturday was my b'day.   Annette and John baked me a cake and had fun designing and covering it  a pretty color blue  marzipan.    It was huge and gooooood.    They brought me a sewing machine which I needed so much,    I like the idea that it is easy to use and easy to thread.      I have already started sewing my curtains and making some Christmas gifts.   Derek and Miranda brought me a gift certificate for Michaels,  a store I visit very often.    A Christmas dog from addy that sings.   I got very nice gifts from friends and family and so appreciative  every one.  
Here are a few pics of last saturday.   

Annette and John holding niece Adalyn-love the party outfit she has on.    They are back here from the base in Arizona-Annette brought the Arizona suntan  with her.

Addy and her dad Derek, (she has those little lips pursed)   missed Miranda as she had to work

Look at those little flapping ears to jingle bells
Seth took this pic outside and it was dark without the flash -

Tyler,  Ryan Alaina live in Hawaii -  they sent me this pretty colored pictures and some sweet pictures of themselves

sweet pictures of the three of them

They fixed the ping pong table up and there is not only cake but ice cream too,  didn't sleep a wink this night ,   both were so good.
I like this machine as it sews quietly and easy to use

I love the Midsomer murders series -  the scenes are shot on location in various places in England.   Beautiful country side and cottages - aahh I really like it.
 Steve got me the set
A few weeks ago while traveling through Gordonsville Va.   we stopped at an antique shop
I saw this doll and love it,   Steve got it for me as a surprise.

Handsome grandson Seth holding his cousin adalyn,

Seth brought me flowers - He looked so sweet getting out of the car with them

My sister Donna made these-love'em
I have already started reading this book and can't put it down.  Very interesting story about F.W.Woolworth from Jennifer


I loved everything and had a good time,  first time in ages that Annette and John and Seth were here as military life makes it a little hard to get together often

I hope I get another post before the wind knocks my connection or electricity out
I am praying  for everyone safety in the path of Sandy,  we haven't gotten wind yet but are supposed to, it is raining some at this moment


  1. Hi Betsy! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday and got some really special gifts. How nice to have your loved one's there with you.
    Happy belated Birthday to you! Gina

  2. Hi Mom.
    We were so glad that we could spend your special day with you. We had a wonderful time. It was fun throwing a birthday party for you and seeing you so surprised. Glad you loved the cake and everything else.

    love you
    Annette :)

  3. Hi Mom
    I am so happy that we were able to get together on your birthday and throw you a party. It was special. I am so happy that you had a great time. I think what kept you up was all the cake. Well the big darn cake that you wanted.
    I love the pictures. How come you did not post the one of you dancing with the dog? I was priceless. You know which one i mean. The family picture was great. Seth did a great job taking it.

    love annette

  4. Belated birthday wishes to you! What a lovely family you have. I bet you will enjoy the sewing machine for years to come; I know I love mine.

    I hope you and your family are safe from the extreme weather.


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