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Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall sale

Fall visit to Snow Creek farm,  didn't really purchase a lot.    We went to last day of their sale, so everything was pretty much picked over.
Lots of pumpkins
I like the orange pumpkins the best.    Gonna try a medium size white one to cook-have read they make a good  soup.  
 There were a few items that we liked.
Steve had to have peacock feathers and she sold them to us for $.50 a piece.
We didn't get to see the peacocks.    Pinned to  keep the fox away

front porch
I really do not like the  knotty one so much
This close to entrance
I didn't take a lot inside
These chicks are so adorable ,  mom was friendly

These were $.50 a piece,  nice to hang in window as they are colorful enough that the small grandchildren will enjoy seeing the colors
table runner,  I am going to place a hanger at the top to hang in dining room like a bell pull.  I will put a tassel on the bottom


  1. Hi Betsy, that looks like a fun place to visit. I'm with you, I like the orange pumpkins best. In the photo with the mantle, I really like those stands with a pumpkin on top. It's a cute idea. The peacock feathers are so pretty, I have some on my mantle. And the cute chicks...seems kind of late for little ones. Thanks for sharing! Gina

  2. Perfect bell pull. I've seen the cutest hangers online lately with different themes and I'm tempted to buy one (or two).

    Pumpkin anything is my love.

    warm hugs,

    Cotton Peony


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