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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nags Head

Two weeks ago ,  we were having a relaxing time in Nags Head North Carolina. .  Some pictures of our relaxing time.
On the way to Nags Head  we saw this beautiful sunset over fields the night before


didn't take long to disappear

Miss early morning walks on the beach with coffee and late evening walks - picture above taken in late afternoon

Aah, the relaxing sound of waves crashing on shore
Not many seashells to be found.   I found only a very few small ones.

The Name Nags Head as one legend has it is that a lantern was tied around an old gentle horse or "old nag"
and was led up and down large sand dunes so to be visible out to sea.
When a ships captain saw the bobbing light,  he thought it an anchored ship in a harbor.
As the captain tried to put his ship into what he thought was a safe harbor , he shipwrecked in shoals that changed shape beneath the surface.  Land pirates looted,  then burned the ship and made away with the bounty.   Another reason for the name that I have read is that it was named after Nags Head island in England.


After this down pour

Came down in sheets for a little while

A beautiful rainbow later

Looks like it's going into the sea

Another one of many places I would like to live.    Maybe I should just visit more often.


  1. Oh Betsy! Those photos are beautiful! How I love the ocean. Yes you should visit there more often (and think of me when you do)! LOL Have a great week! Gina

  2. Wunderschöne Aufnahmen, Betsy, ich wäre sehr gerne mal wieder ein paar Tage am Meer. Aber Wasser auf den Straßen brauche ich nicht, davor habe ich Angst. Die Wetter werden schlimmer in letzter Zeit.


  3. Wow!!! When it rains it pours in your neck of the woods!

    Hi Betsy, thank you for the lovely comment concerning my chair re-do. Have fun with Graphics Fairy, they are awesome!
    Have a great day and thank you for stopping by. Connie :)


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