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Saturday, September 29, 2012

pumpkins and outdoor pics

I took Adalyn to the Berry Farm - it is called that anyway.   There are no strawberries to be picked  from the fields anymore,  always looked forward to the hayride for fresh berries.   A disease some years back did it's toll on the berries, so now it's pumpkins in fall with hayride and activities for halloween. 
plants replaced with pumpkins

Addy chewing on her toy -
a nice drive down a winding country road
In the red barn - Christmas trees are being set up along with ornaments.   Will be back to see this when it's finished.
behind Addy is a pond with Koi fish.   She wanted nothing to do with seeing them,  it's this big rock she likes.  Probably feeling the warmth it gives from the sun.
she is thinking about something here and it's probably the shadow she casts of herself on the rock

The silo is covered in vines .   So pretty

Will not be much longer when we will see the flowers die back.  I have heard that the longer they bloom- the worse the winter will be.

Til next time - Betsy


  1. Looks like a wonderful fun day...

  2. Hi Betsy: That looks like a beautiful place. Little Addy reminds me of my daughter when she was very little. We took her to San Francisco Zoo and the only thing she was interested in was the sea gulls. Sweet little minds!..Thank you for your kind words on my post. I appreciate them so much. Buddy has to take more meds as it didn't quite do it first time around. Hope it works better now. Thanks for asking about him..Happy Sunday..Judy


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