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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meems covered bridge

A burr arch truss and 204 feet single span. A long span over the north fork river,  Meems bottom bridge is  one  of the last remaining covered bridges in Virginia, located in Shenandoah county.   Built in 1894 and standing more than 80 years,  it was destroyed by vandals on Halloween in 1976.  It was reconstructed from salvaged original timbers and under girded with steel beams and concrete piers. Reopened in 1979.
Steve and I walked the bridge and listened to the water rushing underneath,  maybe one car passed through.   We walked for a bit  along the river in October 2010,  a beautiful time of year in this part of Virginia,  the sun dappling through the trees , casting shadows. 
Little chilly and as I was walking , I looked to my side and saw a snake moving along also,  he did stop and take a look at me,  I guess he could sense my fear and just went along his merry way.  After a few more pics - we headed back to the car and took in the Paughs orchard a little way down the road.

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Looking back to road from the bridge
Bill and Lou taking a walk at the river

this is where I met the snake walking along the river
Looking towards the fields from the river at bridge

I would like to go back in the spring and see the wildflowers in bloom.

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  1. Betsy -

    Have never been to Meems bridge but have visited quite a few in PA,NH and VT. They are beautiful. Glad the snake went on his way without any trouble!

    - Deborah


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