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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

actually feels like spring

So I decided to fix a spring sweet with blueberries that I had  frozen.    I made some lemon curd Sunday .  VERY lemony, or tart I should say.  Don't like a real sweet curd.   Tasted so good spread over the warm blueberry loaf this morning.  A very strong coffee to go with it. Yum mm
 You can bet my diet was all over after this.   As Scarlett said " I'll think about that tomorrow".
or something like that.

I used 5 egg yolks and juice from 4 large lemons,  along with butter, sugar and a tablespoon of zest scraped from the washed lemon skin.  Have to wash them well. I cooked in a glass dish over boiling water , then poured through a sieve to get any zest and lumps that may remain from the cooked egg yolks. 
I will make some orange curd tomorrow.  I freeze mine also if there is too much to eat in a week.  Freezes well.


  1. That looks like a delicious combination, in England we tend to only eat lemon curd in pastry, that looks like a nice refreshing alternative to custard. Perhaps you could post the recipe for the blueberry loaf sometime? Linda x

  2. The cake looks so delicious!!! I can almost taste it!


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