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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello beautiful tuesday

Some pics of my plants that are growing beautifully because of all of the rain, but I believe
since the ground has been so wet, the moles seem to be busier this year. They won't stop plucking out my garden plants.

This plant , I believe is some kind of begonia, not sure, it has a large leaf and was here when we moved in. It gets tall pink flowers. If anyone knows, I would be glad to hear from ya.

If you hold cursor on pix, and left click, it should enlarge.

My tea rose, This plant is about 15 years old. I brought this plant with me when I moved here.
I got a second plant from it, about five years back, dipped it in root starter and then packed dirt around it in a pot and watched it grow.

My favorites

Provence Lavender that is going on the second season in this pot. I have another and they seem to do very well as I have not had luck with lavender in the past. This did well in the ice and snow outside.

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  1. love your blog, cannot wait to see whats next


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