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Friday, May 1, 2020

Rainy days again

Today was rainy and gloomy all day except for a few hours later this afternoon.
Felt like crawling back into bed.   Got not one thing accomplished today except for dinner and doing dishes, well some laundry.  So many other things to catch up on.

Wednesday the day before I baked rolls.  Very disappointed I let them rise too long and they fell some, but that's o.k. because they were still moist and tasted good along with roast and chicken breast for dinner.

They were moist and tasty.

Dinner on Wednesday

I picked this rose from son and daughter in law rose bush.
So unique with the same petal perfectly pink on half with deep pink on the other. Never Have I seen one like this  before.

My floribunda rose blooming at the side of house

grand daughter loves the grape scent of the iris

My peonies are not pretty this year like last year.

there are several of these azaleas that were so tiny last year that I think just are growing from the root of the larger one.  They are popping up in a few places and this one bloomed this year.

I picked what is growing now as I like having real flowers in the house

My sister in Maine sent  me this picture of a wreath she made with her grapevines and hydrangea from her yard.
A copy of the May June issue and loving going through the pages.

Yes yesterday was so sunny and pretty

I put my gargoyle out on the gutter on the garage.  It threw the water away from the drive there.
From the old French word, gargouille.  To rinse or wash the throat, gargle.  Also came from the Greek word gararizein, meaning to wash the throat.

A short video of Wednesday and Genevieve thinking the bees were taking all the honey from the flower and making it die.  We had a talk about it so she would know what they were doing and why and it wasn't hurting the flower.
Second part is Thursday and the rain.  What a lazy day it was.



  1. Dearest Betsy,
    Well, what a lovely video with Genevieve, she is learning alongside her knowledgeable Grandma; lucky girl!
    On Tuesday afternoon they started cutting down a big Scarlet oak which leaves all ended up in the pond and causing so much algae... Who thinks of that beforehand?!
    Another old dogwood with dead branches got to go and on the adjacent property some dead Leyland cypress and then on Wednesday some more pruning of big branches, done from the cherry picker. Our live oak was too broad, now it is going more upwards and we have more light inside our living room and veranda... We live here nearly 30 years and trees become huge.
    It sure is expensive for having all this done but it is like a haircut and we enjoy the view of so many beauties in good shape. Joked about the bill on Pieter's birthday for $ 2,100.00 and said, this is THE most expensive gift you ever got. Not really a gift but more of a coincidence. They cleaned up so well, raked everything, hauled it all off and evened out the tracks from the cherry picker. Lucky as we had rain late in the evening and night! We got our share this year so far.
    While biking together on Monday, the yard crew had come by for cutting the lawn and doing everything else. It is a joy to look at perfectly done edges and all other things. Feels good.
    That rose is very unique indeed, have never seen any like it either!!!
    Treasure your plants and enjoy them and instill the same love in your grandgirls.

    1. Hello Mariette,
      You had the same thing done we did 2 years ago. Removing trees and trimming is so expensive. I am so happy to have had ours removed. Previous owners didn't think about how large the forest trees were going to get in the yard, WE HAD TO! How refreshing it felt for sure to come back to a freshly spruced lawn and shrubs. My husband likes doing things this way also, he says they have the right stuff to do efficiently. Yes I will treasure my plants and hopefully my grand girls will keep the memory of planting with me and always enjoy the pleasure it brings to them. Thank you, Betsy

    2. AMEN to that! Enjoy your weekend Betsy 💞🍃

  2. Your bread rolls looked delicious along with the dinner. So nice to see the roses and the video. Stay safe.

  3. Sounds like you have had one of those refreshingly pleasant days, pottering around. Especially love your flower arrangement of garden flowers, very pretty :)

  4. The rolls looks yummy! I have done the same a few days ago with some caramel rolls. That rose is very unusual, so pretty! Your flowers are gorgeous. Wish I had lots of room for flowers. We live in a parsonage now but someday when we retire...lots of flowers I hope! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Caramel rolls sounds sooo gooood! I love flowers but now we heard there may be frost on Saturday. This weather hasn't been good for some of them. A wonderful week wished for you Angela.

  5. Out of the mouths of our babes :) Such a sweet video of Genevieve and her caring for the flowers. Lovely post Betsy and your flowers are gorgeous. I'd say those rolls were just about perfect too and a delicious looking dinner.

  6. Betsy, what could be better on a cold, rainy day than the scent of freshly baked bread? Looks good enough to eat! Along with the beautiful meal. That rose is certainly a strange sight, but so pretty too. All your flowers are so gorgeous and Genevieve is so cute in the video looking at the honey..Stay well my friend..xxoJudy


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