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Friday, January 24, 2020

Happy Friday

Warmer today in the 50's.  Setting us up for the big one I guess when it's this warm after some really cold days and nights.  I am still leaving this little tree up with twinkle lights and snowman skier.

After finishing my chairs.  I feel this room needs some updating.
I like the rose curtains but the border bugs me and a change is good.  My daughter usually likes to sleep in this room when she visits.  She said it's cozy.
You can see I took this while the  wreaths were still at the windows.  They did stay up a while.

Cuban bread.  I decided it was time to make cuban sandwiches.
Steve loves them.  This recipe was taken from
This bread recipe worked perfect.  Follow instructions to the letter as it works.
I made mine into individual rolls.

When visiting Florida, the  place we like to go is a Cuban restaurant for the sandwich. 

I put a little pressure on the sandwich after assembled totoast on both sides in the pan.

Mustard, ham, homemade dill pickles, pork tenderloin and swiss cheese. ( marinated the tenderloin over night in orange juice, some apple, cumin, smidgeon of brown sugar. It didn't call for that but it was good.

Oh yes, Steve also wanted navy bean soup I made to go with it.  I cooked this in the pressure cooker with celery, onion, pepper and a bouillon cube with water.  25 minutes is all it took.  

Well off to get more done.  I am getting mighty slow it seems here lately.

Til next time


  1. Dearest Betsy,
    You are almost thinking about the next big project it seems like.
    Lovely room where your daughter stays when visiting.
    We have a rainy day...
    You spoil your Steve by making him excellent comfort food!
    The link to the recipe was not there however...

    1. Hello Mariette
      Here is the recipe here for Cuban bread
      Steve loves the sandwiches and since I don't watch the grands everyday any more since both are in school. I am fixing more at home.

    2. Wow, copied and pasted that link you typed in but it brings you to a spammy webpage... You must install something in order to go to that recipe.
      Not a good thing!

    3. The link I sent brings several links click the first one and it takes you to the page of the recipe. This is how I found the recipe. Sorry it's not working for you.

    4. Betsy, when I clicked on the link in my email and it opened in Safari, no problem! It was only in Google Chrome that way...

    5. Great! I am not using an apple product or notepad. It's a great recipe.

  2. Man, the Cubans look amazing.

    1. Thank you and I just updated where I got the recipe from.

  3. Betsy,
    Your snow man is so sweet!! And that sandwich looks so good!! We are getting a "storm" this weekend but it will be rain...Nothing worse than rain in the Winter, I say..... It was in the teens in the beginning of the week and today it was in the 50's!! Crazy weather!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  4. Those sandwiches sound really good! Bean soup is one of my favorites.


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