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Monday, May 13, 2019


Steve's birthday was Saturday.  We had dinner and of course cake and ice cream.  The children loved showing off their cards they made Opa.  So cute were they and they both went into detail on how they made them.
this one was Adalyns

Adalyn on the right and Genevieve on the left.  Miranda lighting candles.

Genevieve's card. She always draws a happy sun on hers.

It was a rainy day but I still got to pick a few roses and this tea rose moved here with me from our other house in 2007.  Still is doing fine.  I have to really give it a good cutting to the ground at times.  Still blooms pretty.

There were two of them

Yes, this little gal has taken up space in the chair in the living room with the girls.  
Love those big eyes.


  1. Happy Birthday to Steve, and such sweet cards from the girls. Adorable kitty too and as for your rose, it is perfection and especially beautiful with the raindrops. Have a great week Betsy :)

  2. Belated Birthday wishes for Steve. It was so nice to see the cards the girls had made for Opa filled with love.

    1. Thank you and yes the cards are so filled with love.

  3. Dearest Betsy,
    Indeed, happy belated Birthday to Steve!
    What a joy to have grandchildren around that draw such sunny and happy cards!
    By the way, Opa is Dutch so are you linked to my birth country in any way?
    Your roses are so lovely. Sad but in the 30 years that we live here now, the trees have taken over completely and are so tall, add shade to the garden and take up all nutrients and probably emit something that is killing other plants... Sad but no more vases to be filled with my fragrant roses from our garden.
    Sending you sunny hugs,

    PS Thanks for your meaningful comment to which I've replied...

    1. Happy Friday to you Mariette,
      I am looking forward to the weekend of working more in the yard. So much to do.
      I did read back to post on your reply. I try to do like you and put some type of figure or symbol like you to show I read but don't know how.
      My daughter's good friend was born in Germany and she said that is how she called her grandparents. I wanted the same. When I went to Germany to visit my daughter and see my grandson that is where it really stayed with us and I like it. We are still doing research on family history. Making headway. Ruedy from Switzerland ( My Moms gr grandfather) Bach from Prussia on Moms side. Daddy's side is Irish and his Great Grandfather named Gustave starkes, the (s) was dropped later. Interesting.
      Mama always called her grandparents - Ma and Pa.
      So much to be learned.
      Good day and hugs to you,

    2. Interesting Betsy and yes, in German it also is Opa and Oma. So you have quite an interesting mix! ❤️

  4. Sweet bday pics. Happy bday Steve.

  5. Happy belated birthday to Steve, Betsy. I love seeing your darling grands celebrating their Opa! Great birthday cards. Children make the best!

  6. Happy Birthday to Steve!!Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!! Beautiful roses!!

  7. such a beautiful birthday card to Steve....
    yes, the big eye so lovely.
    Have a wonderful day

    1. Thank you Tanza. I love those big eyed toys too.


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