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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Rainy Sunday Flowers

I picked from several flowers in the yard to bring in and scent the house while they can.  Some of the Peonies are starting to lose their petals. 

I don't know what this large shrub is called but it is highly scented. I got a few peony flowers from the row at the drive.

Beautiful little flower
a few from one of the last pretty bloomers of azaleas

I tried to get  a picture of how large the trunk is on this one.  I managed to pull up  few limbs that rooted that were hanging on the ground.

These few do scent the downstairs.

I love Peonies

Just outside the window on side of door.  Geraniums are doing well.  Oh, I see I need to remove price tag.  Oh well.

My glass candle holder that I use with the glass frog I found at a vintage sale

Fireplace Mantle - Thinking I would love to get rid of that giant mirror. May frame it instead. Not reflecting anything I really enjoy looking at.

The porch

Table in living room.  Yes, that's Santa on his side.  Kids haven't given him up yet.

Happy Monday. Still posting from chrome book so I hope this comes through o.k.  Hopefully I will use the P.C. next time.  I am more comfortable with that.


  1. so gorgeous! We just can't grow azaleas that big in the west. p.s., I'm back to blogging via Blogger.

  2. You have the most beautiful flowers!!! Love that bouquet of peonies! I am amazed how you start your Spring so much earlier where you live compared to here in ND. Our peonies looks like tiny red shootings of about 1 inch above the ground at this time. They're one of my favorite flowers! I enjoyed all your photos!!

    1. Thank you Angela. You have your flowers to look forward to. I will miss mine. I see by your photos how cold N.D. is. Beautiful state.
      I am glad you enjoyed all of my photos and thank you

  3. Beautiful! I can almost smell the peonies and I’m sure they were happy to get the rain.

  4. Dearest Betsy,
    Wow, you are so lucky for having such a large and healthy Mock Orange shrub and being able to bring their scent indoors!
    Enjoy them while they last.

    1. The mock orange smells so good but doesn't last long. I don't think the bush is particularly pretty when not in bloom. I have pulled up a few that were growing and threw out before I knew what they were. They sprout up.

      I have a Rose of Sharon as my Mom always called it. I took it out of a cement planter it had grown into last year, left in there way too long. I put it in the ground and now want to move it. I hope I don't kill it doing so. Didn't seem to hurt it when I moved it the last time but now it's much larger. I move stuff all the time.

      Have a great week and I look forward to the sun here tomorrow.


  5. Betsy,
    What beautiful blooms!!Our azaleas are just now starting to bloom! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I had my 2nd Physical Therapy session today...They had me on a bike but just moving the knee up and down....

  6. Betsy, somewhere I know I commented on this post, but my stuff is all screwed up again. Thanks for your visit. I'm glad you liked the blue and white. That with the pewter around edge is just a little flea market saucer that I picked up years ago and the painted pair on handpainted on black velvet made into a pillow. It came originally from my grandmother..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy


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