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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Happy Tuesday

Tonight is late evening from 4:00 til 7:00 viewing of the gardens at Agecroft hall and we are looking forward to seeing what is growing there.

  Meanwhile here at home
I planted my twynings Smartie Dahlia tubers in March inside  and babied them.  They have blooms and are or were so strong and healthy till I decided to move the pots as it was beginning to thunder and rain and spilled over the wagon.  I put them back in the pots but I have no hope really for them. Some of the tubers fell off.  SO UNHAPPY ABOUT THAT.
I shall see.

I picked a few squash today.  This squash picture was from a few days ago.

A few cheery flowers from the yard for the bath in the hall.  Yes that is sage green tile put in when house was built in '69. It's in good shape and I like it.  Had thought about changing it but I like the color.

Another bloom.  This has been blooming a good while now.

My tea rose is blooming

At the garage. Probably way too many plants in here.

A mini  rose I picked up from walmart after valentines day.

Cleaning up the azaleas a little.  They seem to bloom better when I cut off some long limbs

I know these potatoes in pots are way too many and this is the first time I grew any in pots.
Will see.


I broke off a piece of rosemary and its rooted in the planter.  I think things do really well in this mushroom compost.  I will always use it now.

I do like the celery flavor parsley and the tarragon I have been cutting on.  The chives behind it are very good and I have cut many of those and dried.

I had to divide the chives here from the ones I have growing in a pot

This lavender I can't bring myself to disturb right now.  I do need to move it again.  It is now about 8 or 9 years old.  It is a hardy plant.  Provence it's called.
I did do quite a bit of chopping it back this year but didn't seem to mind it.

I planted this last year.  It was looking like it was going to die but when the neighbor removed trees, it now is doing great, it loves the sun.  I pull off the fragrant petals and wash and dry them stored in the refrigerator.  When I get soft purple flowers to pull off the Lavender, I will make some jelly.  I rather pull off the purple flowers instead of waiting for them to dry because they are sweet and not as strong as the seed.

My tomato in the pot along with a dill plant I put beside it.  These cherry tomatoes are different colors. Orange, yellow and red.

Italian tomatoes and red pepper doing fine so far. I pulled off the lower leaves to keep the air circulating around it nicely.

I didn't have the heart to pull up this lone romaine lettuce I tied at the top to keep it together.  It has been in this planter in mushroom compost and dirt for a month maybe two.

oxalis is pretty but it is a weed as far as I am concerned.  It will grow any and every where.

Cleaned out the bed here and now will put some shrub and tree dirt with fertilizer and  mulch around them

I will have more than this to cut off but it's a start.

Excited to see this hydrangea with a few blooms.  Will see if it is going to bloom red. 

Grapevine I really didn't think would grow. I originally was going to let it grow on a trellis over the gate but changed my mind.  Now it's growing nicely and it's green grapes.  Will move after the season I guess.
Tonight I am going to make some mushroom soup.  I also will try some celery flavored parsley in it.  I love mushroom soup, Steve likes it with potatoes.
I hope he is not reading this on his lunch break and then give me a call to place potatoes in his.   Hmmm.


  1. So much beauty in your garden, everywhere you look it is so lovely. I love your sage green tile, we're going to be remodeling and it is such a nice color. How did your soup turn out? Potatoes or no?

  2. Betsy you have some handsome plants growing all around your garden. Your mushroom soup sounds good with celery flavored parsley. That's a variety I've never had. That is wonderful you have squash so early! I don't have enough sun to grow vegetables, but this year I did plant some potatoes and they are getting ready to bloom. We'll see how they do! We pruned our shrubbery out front and now need to prune a lot of aucuba out back. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather in your lovely garden.

  3. What a joy to take a walk with you around your delightful garden. So much to see and admire.

  4. Your garden is doing well, and your flowers are beautiful, indoors and out. I forgot to plant lavender this year. Hm, I wonder if it’s too late....

    1. I am still planting a few lavender plants I rooted. They are doing fine. Don't know if they will bloom. I doubt it since it's late in spring almost summer. Mine bloom a second time after I cut the flowers off in June when they are really blooming. I have had blooms in September.

  5. Betsy, you have a great start for the summer garden. I have so much I want to do but haven't started any of it yet. Thanks for your visit and you will still have to smooth the cushions after you get up (I have a thing about wrinkled cushions) but they are not as bad as before using the insert. It definitely looks better and feels better, but how long before the insert breaks down is anybody's guess..Happy Wednesday my friend, everything in the garden looks divine..xxoJudy

  6. Wow...everything is popping right up. I looked at my garden yesterday, I need to get out there and pull some weeds. Seems that I just can't seem to get things like that on the list of things that needs doing. Loving your garden

  7. Dearest Betsy,
    Wow, you are very successful in growing ANYTHING!
    Makes me envious, especially about the soil quality in general.
    Do you have access to bulk spent compost from a mushroom farm?
    We used to get it by the truck load decades ago when the Campbell mushroom plant was still in operation.
    It sure is excellent for a garden and improves the waterholding capacity too.
    Sending you hugs,

  8. How I wish I had access to a mushroom farm. The stuff is great.
    I purchased a bag of 40 lb mushroom compost from Lavender Farms here in the near area. I guess they have it other places but this is the first time I ever used it. Tomatoes love it along with my herbs. I also use organic food for the vegetables and flowers. Our ground has so much sand in it, it needs nutrients added.
    Speaking of Campbells mushroom plant, I love Campbells mushroom soup. We just love mushrooms all ways. Too bad plants like that had to close up shop.
    You are so right for water holding. I use it now around everything.
    Happy Thursday to you and hugs

  9. Betsy,
    Your garden is looking lovely!! Sorry about the storms plummeting your plants. we get one nice day and then one or 2 days of rain and thunderstorms. I still ave to get out and buy my annuals to plant my pots but there was frost the other day just north of us so I am waiting until the weekend...The knee is coming along but I developed plantar fascitis on the same foot. I have been doing exercises to stretch the heel that PT gave me and it is getting better...
    I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!!

  10. Your garden looks lovely!!! I love the beauty of Azaleas but I have never planted. Love lavender as well but I believe that here in ND it's an annual sadly. Hydrangeas are absolutely lovely, it's one of my favorite flowers. I have one plant only. We live in a parsonage so I feel bad about adding lots of plants :( . Love this post! Have a great week!


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