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Monday, February 25, 2019

What a Beautiful Day of

Sunshine! I am enjoying it while I have it because this weekend... MORE RAIN in the forecast.  Who'd a guessed it?  I am wondering if we will have a hot dry summer because of this?  Last year the beetles ate up everything.

A trip to Sherwin Williams for ceiling paint. I am prepping bedroom for a much need paint job.  With the way I am feeling lately,  I am guessing I will finish it in about two months.  Geesh, I hope it's a lot sooner than that!
Not advertising or anything like it,   but this is the best ceiling paint. I won't use anything else.  Does not drip like many others I have used.

Back to sunshine, I found these roses from Valentines day sale at Walmart for $3.97 I believe it was.  I couldn't pass them up.  They are just beautiful and the clay pot is worth that.   Will plant when weather is warmer.  Right now they are on the jalousied porch getting used to some cooler weather and it's much better than the heat inside for them.

More Dahlias to plant.
Roses,  a store near me had these blue ceramic pots ( I am guessing ceramic) they are very heavy and I have better luck in this type of pot and not so much the plastic pots.

Couldn't pass up these I found at Pier One.

Yes, I like my blue flower.  My Mother had this sitting on her table at Christmas one year with some Christmas balls and lights.

Blue just seems to suit the weather we were having last week.
The blue day book was given to me and there are many cute little animal pics and some sayings to go along with them.

Like this one

Finished several of these beaded flowers a few weeks ago.  The reason I am sharing this one is because I found it on the mantle.  Will be beading leaves to go with them for a little pot.

Happy Monday, well at least what's left of it.  Time is flying.


  1. Good luck with the paint project, Betsy. I love the way paint brightens up a room. Your rose sure is pretty and before you know it you can plant it outdoors. I prefer ceramic or clay pots too--Your new blue ones are very nice. I went out into our perennial bed today and cut back the foliage of the fall crocuses. They were growing through the daffodils that are really growing bigger everyday. I can't wait for Spring and we sure can't complain about not having enough rain! ♥

  2. Oh yay....painting. I need to get to my house and start doing that also. Thinking of selling before long so I need to get things done. SUNSHINE.....we are working on day 3 of beautiful, bright, happy sunshine, with one more day tomorrow, then light rain coming Thursday into Sat. Tired of the rain but at least the next amount to come is light and hoping that helps the creeks and lakes time to go down some. Been a crazy rain season.

  3. Very beautiful, I'm waiting for the spring.

  4. Dearest Betsy,
    Yes, we're still at that stage where we have to hold on to everything booming, for brightening our days.
    Yesterday I got lucky for being able to drive to Atlanta without rain (just some drizzle at one time...) and rather bright.
    On our way over I saw the first Redbuds blooming alongside the I-75 and that surprised me.
    We're not yet there as rain is in the forecast for the entire week ahead...
    But with such lovely beaded blue flower like yours, we can spruce up life indoors!

  5. All sorts of pretties, Betsy. A freshly painted room will be just perfect to brighten up these dreary days. Love the roses and the pots..Happy weekend, my friend..xxoJudy

  6. Thanks for your visit, Betsy. I did get my comments back into my email inbox, but now everyone is a no-reply blogger so I can't answer back like I did before. Can't wait to see your pretty painted room..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  7. It will all look pretty and fresh! The flowers looks lovely and surely got a great price on the red roses! You getting rain there and we are still full of snow and very low temps. Church was cancelled today because of very low temps.

  8. Days do fly by, don't they! I love your banner and it's nice to know about the paint. Good paint definitely is worth using. Red roses are my favorite and we've planted a lot of knock out roses around our house here in Florida. They bloom well here. Love your pretty blue things too. I need to decorate a little for Spring soon! Thanks so much for visiting me when I was having trouble with my blog! It means a lot! Hugs, Diane


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