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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Rain anyone?

I took this yesterday and it's flowing good in the side yard little creek area. Nice to listen to as I mired down a few inches or more in the over drenched yard to take a video

I think I would rather see snow.

Visited Mom at nursing home last week sporting a new hairdo.
Looking good


  1. There has been so much rain! Your little creek is overflowing. Hearing water rushing is such a sweet sound if it stays in its bounds. We saw similar streams overflowing on our walk this morning.
    Your mom looks so nice with her new hairdo. Getting our hair done makes us feel good. Have a happy, sunny afternoon. ♥

  2. Today our weather is good. but from tomorrow it is going to rain again.. :(

  3. I love the sound of the water. What a lovely photo of your Mum.

  4. For me there is no more relaxing sound than the sound of running water. We are FINALLY seeing some sunshine today.

  5. Betsy, I love to hear the sound of a creek rushing by. That is how I grew up with windows open and sound sleeping. But, I agree, when it makes every thing around it mucky, then that is no fun. Your mama looks so sweet. So glad she can enjoy her new hair do..Happy Monday, my friend..xxoJudy

  6. When all of our snow melts (and there is a lot!) we'll have creeks running too. I just hope the thaw isn't too sudden. Your mom looks so lovely!


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